A black and white Photograph of an Omeath landmark.

 black and white moon shot2

Middle of the night on my way home after leaving Zoe to work . I stopped to get some fresh air and got two shots that I am particular proud of as they weren’t planned, just happened.



The Magic of The Cooley Peninsula.

14-DSC_0001    The Moon over The Black Mountain.

Clouds formed from the evaporating snow            11-DSC_0004

        15-DSC_0006                                 Sea front Omeath                                            17-DSC_0005

09-DSC_0100               The Cafeteria line.

The Canal Newry     18-DSC_0088         The Canal Newry           22-DSC_0127


3-DSC_0071    Snow                           4-DSC_0104 Slieve Foye

                       1-DSC_0004    Slieve Foye

Slieve Foye (taken from Ballygoly ) 2-DSC_0068

The temptation is to fall into Waxing Poetically about seasons and ever changing vistas, but the images speak for themselves.

Sunrises and moon rises Cooley peninsula

I have lived all over the world and seen some breath taking visions of the sun and moon rising. Here on the Cooley Peninsula I have seen views that rival any from far flung shores.






The three suns are over The Irish Sea viewed from Cornamucklagh across Carlingford Lough.  The moon was rising over the Mourne mountains Across from Cornamucklagh Over Narrow waters.

Map picture


1-DSC_0005     Fog flowing in from the sea over the Seatruck ferry Terminal Warren point.